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StudioLinkedVST PURE Modern RnB Kontakt Free

 Studiolinkedvst PURE Modern RnB Kontakt Free

[quote]HERE WE GO This time with a library for the Kontakt 5 engine Covers all the instrument categories you need to create your next modern R&B hit, Its PURE Modern RnB Kontakt . You are a Dj/producer you like making music you wanna do a professional music and you don’t have money to buy Pure or you don’t wanna lose 179.99$ for it, you are in the right place. Free Download Give you the opportunity to Download This Plugins Vst For Free No Survey needed and no time wasted ; we give you a fast and direct link from the best server ( MediaFire ) to facilitate the downloading for people who have a low INTERNET ; All this just for satisfying you 🙂 .enjoy![/quote]

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Password :

PURE is a library for the Kontakt 5 engine. Covers all the instrument categories you need to create your next modern rnb hit. Inspired by Drake,Ryan Leslie,Chris Brown,and more,

What is it?

  • 120+ nki instruments,in style of Drake,Ryan Leslie,Chris Brown.
  • Also will come wih tons of Midi Drum Patterns & Chord Progressions.
  • Bass
  • Guitars
  • Keys
  • Leads
  • Plucks
  • Pads
  • Strings
  • Synth for Chords
  • Vox for Chords
  • Vox Runs
>>Please report any issues<<
Download Link
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